Team Members & Backgrounds


Lucie and Larry have owned the Park Plaza Cinema since 2010 and have been happily married for a great number of years. Since purchasing the Park Plaza Cinema they have renovated the cinema and completely transformed it into a place many locals and visitors alike visit very often.

A few of the things that make the Park Plaza Cinema so special is our dog Antoinette, comfortable lounge chairs, amazing highly rated popcorn, and our bonds with friends, family, and faith just to name a few.     



 Employee Emily Laird full time employee:


Marisa Martucci part time employee:



Podium Master and Greeter Nancy Lincoln part time empoyee:

   Most of you that frequent our theater are probably familiar with Nancy. She is hard to miss and always knows the latest about every movie we have. She also really enjoys tennis and is immersed in the sport within the local culture here on Hilton Head Island. She is always animated and ready to have a conversation so please say hello to her the next time you are here. 


Henry Blaskowski part time employee:

Henry also recently joined our staff and has immediately been able to take on continuous responsibility, and make positive contributions to the team everyday he is present. He also has quickly learned how to run the wine bar, concession, clean theaters, cook, and more. Henry is also one of the more friendly people you will ever meet if you have been lucky enough to have a conversation with him.