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Below are recent movie reviews written by Nancy. She is a very experienced movie goer over the years and loves to talk with customers who visit about them. You can often times find her at the podium before going into your movie. These reviews below include I Still Believe, Emma, Invisible Man, Call of the Wild, Parasite, 1917, The Last Full Measure, and the Gentlemen.


Emma Review 3-12-20:


Park Plaza Cinema is now showing, the wonderful retelling of the 1815 novel (her last) by Jane Austin....EMMA.

The film is beautifully directed by Autumn de Wilde and Christopher Blauvelt, capturing the 19th century English countryside with his masterful cinematography. Chavenage House and Fire Place are the manor estates used on location.

Emma is portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy, a meddlesome matchmaker that causes chaos and disturbs her father, Mr. Woodhouse; played by the quiet, talented Bill Nighy. Every scene change has Emma in a gorgeous, elegant dress, designed by Alexandra Byrne. Do note the earrings and necklaces too.

Johnny Flynn plays Mr. Knightley, Emma’s nemesis with conviction. I did want to trim his hair, as it was quite wild. You will enjoy this romp back in time at Park Plaza Cinema.

Nancy Lincoln

I Still Believe Review 3-19-20:


Park Plaza Cinema is showing the true life story of Jeremy Camp, called I Still Believe. If ever we needed a feel good movie of Hope, it is now with the COVID 19 virus spreading around the world.

KJ Apa (Archie from Riverdale), plays Jeremy Camp a college student and musician, who falls in love with Melissa, acted by Britt Robertson.

They face together a serious illness. At a concert, Jeremy asks everyone to pray for healing and a miracle happens.

The music sung by KJ and the real Jeremy is poignant, heart rendering and well done. Come see I Still Believe at Park Plaza Cinema and be uplifted.

Nancy Lincoln

The Invisible Man Review 3-5-20:


Park Plaza Cinema is now showing the latest adaptation of H.G. Wells’, 123 year old novel, The Invisible Man. The Australian director and writer of this film is Leigh Whannell. He is an expert at the thriller, mystery, and sci-fi genres and this film proves it.

Elizabeth Moss stars as Cecilia, an emotionally abused wife, who runs for her life. She then is stalked and scared senseless, by The Invisible Man. Her range of emotions are portrayed well and the invisibility is clever.

The theme of domestic violence is very timely with the Me Too movement. The musical score by Benjamin Wallfish is haunting and sets the mood of this scary film. Come to Park Plaza Cinema and see The Invisible Man.

Call of the Wild Review 2-27-20:


The best movie at Park Plaza Cinema now is The Call of the Wild, it has been a sold out show. I quiz the people leaving from the podium, and almost all say it is excellent. One lady said it was her favorite movie of the past 10 years.

The movie takes a different slant from Jack London’s famous book, no Native Americans are portrayed as bad. Harrison Ford, is John Thornton, a grizzly, sad loner that moves to Alaska to fulfill his son’s lifelong dream. He crosses paths several times with the star of the movie, Buck, a CGI large mixed breed dog. 

Dan Stevens, from Downton Abbey, is the evil Hal. The scenery of the Yukon is breathtaking. Although the Northern Lights at the end didn’t measure up to what I saw in Fairbanks one night, they were unforgettable.

Come see a sled dog struggle for survival, that hears The Call of the Wild. You will be glad you made a visit to Park Plaza Cinema.

Nancy Lincoln

Parasite Review 2-20-20:


Parasite, is Bong Joon Ho’s beautifully constructed crime tale that comes laced with satirical venom. The film has won many awards including Best Picture, Director, Screenplay and Foreign Film at the Academy Awards last week.  

Parasite depicts the brutality of the class divide in So. Korea. It is sub titled, but I found it to be the most engrossing film I have seen this year. You are in another culture with a funny line...it was made in the USA so it must be good. It is very well acted by 4 members of a wealthy family and 4 members of an unemployed, poor family.  

The set design of the elegant, concrete, and glass house is contrasted by the “banjiha”, the Korean word for a cramped basement apt. Both are remarkable. 

Parasite deserves all the accolades. It has been a SOLD OUT show most days at Park Plaza Cinema, so get tickets early. Tell me your thoughts at the podium.

     Nancy Lincoln

The Gentlemen Review 2-13-20:


The Gentlemen, is a British film that was written and directed in the unique style and slang of Guy Richie. It is R rated, so beware.

It has a full cast of unusual characters, led by a married couple, played by Matthew McConaughey and Michele Dockery. Hugh Grant has some scene stealing lines he had to learn in one day, as the script kept changing. Colin Farrell and Henry Golding are also "Gentlemen". It is full of action and is a fun ride. Come see it.

The Academy Award winning movie, Parasite is also showing. I will review it next week.

     Nancy Lincoln


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