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Pet/Service Animal Policy:

Service Animals:

All service animals are welcome in our theater, provided they remain with their owners, at all times. They must remain on a leash or harness at all times; unless this prevents the animal from performing its duties. Service animals are not permitted on furniture, but are permitted in the owner's lap if necessary to perform it's duties. Otherwise it must remain on the floor. If a service animal barks, growls, jumps on other people, or is generally disruptive, it will need to be removed from the premises.  


Pets are welcome in our theater, provided they weigh no more than 20 lbs. Pets must remain in either a carrier, or on a leash, the entire time they are in the theater. Pets are not allowed on furniture, but are permitted to sit in the owner's lap. We encourage you to bring a blanket, if they are on your lap. Otherwise they must remain on the floor, at all times. 

Miscellaneous Conditions:

Animals are not permitted to urinate or defecate in the theater; even if using a portable pet relief system. Animals must be clean, well-behaved and under their owner's control at all times.

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