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33 Office Park Road Suite 201, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Park Plaza Cinema Owners Lucie and Larry want to say “Thank you” to everybody who supports them!

Lucie is a native of Embrun, Canada. She loves to cook, decorate, and socialize. She uses her experience as an architect and interior designer to add her own unique flair to Park Plaza Cinema. Her dogs, Annabelle and Antoinette, greet customers 6 nights a week (resting on Sunday) and during any rainy or particularly cold day. She and her husband,  a local builder, have renovated Park Plaza Cinema heavily since purchasing it, adding the Ciné-Café, Parlez Vous Lounge, and redoing all the countertops, doors, and paint schemes throughout the theater. You’ll most likely encounter her tending bar or selling her handmade jewelry and hairbands next to the gift shop.

She is a friend, a mom, a wife, a confident, a prayer partner, seeking God, putting God first above all else.

She entertains once in a while, travels, learns, discovers, risks, explores, considers, exercises, reads everything about food, and everything about God. She is on a journey to eat healthy once and for all and to be the best person God created her to be.

Most of all she is a true friend to her best friend her husband, the man of her dream.

Park Plaza Cinema is a unique Boutique Movie Theater. It offers an urban eclectic atmosphere that immediately takes you in and makes you feel like home when you enter. It is edgy and avant-garde and offers the latest state of the art amenities.  With an open concept you are initially welcomed by the 2 famous doggies (Annabelle who has been there from the beginning and Antoinette who is an addition to the theater family for the last 2 years).

On your right you find their cozy Parlez-Vous Lounge where you can sit and enjoy a beer or wine from the theater’s large import selection.

Next to it you have the lovelyest Ciné-Café where you can have a bite from their great selection of food choices. They even have healthy choices and locally made ice cream. They also offer gourmet coffee or tea from a nice variety. They have your regular movie concession stand with candy and soft drink but this one offers many more fun choices for everyone.

In all you will truly enjoy your experience if you come early. You will find that it is an entertaining and fairly inexpensive fun outing for a whole family.

PP Cinema has undergone major renovations and upgrades for sound and digital projection for the best movie exhibition. They are in the process of installing VIP luxury recliner chairs to enhance your whole movie going experience!

Park Plaza Cinema is located on the South end of Hilton Head Island, SC

If you have any questions or just want to share with us your experience at our movie theater, please use the form below to contact us.

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Customer reviews:

Had the opportunity to visit your theater three times in past two weeks, and want to compliment you and your husband on creating a very pleasant environment for movie watching. The venue was clean, warm , and provided a quiet atmosphere for viewing the first-run movies that we saw. The girls at the refreshment counter were very helpful and even the popcorn was fresh!

Thanks again,

Roger and Carol